This is a little venture with a big punch, bringing new drama to a theatre, living room or broom cupboard near you. We're working to unite emerging talent in the UK to create engaging, exciting theatre that lingers in the mind.  We're just starting out, but we want to encourage as much collaboration as possible and become something of a resource for theatre makers of all kinds.

We had our debut on the 28th/29th April 2019 at the Bunker Theatre with OUTSIDERS. Our sold out show saw Director James Ronan unite three plays by two writers; together exploring questions of love, heritage, loneliness and history. You can find out more about it here. We're already preparing our next outing, once again bringing emerging writers to an exciting space. Check back for more info.

Our 'founding members', so to speak, are Francis, Felix and James; but we want this company to flex, morph, expand and do whatever else is needed in the name of collaboration - so you can expect our membership to vary as we go forwards. Francis and Felix are both writers who met in 2017 on the Soho Theatre Writer's Lab. Felix is also a performer and Francis is also a producer. They teamed up with director and dramaturg, James, to help make their ideas become reality.

This is a diagram of Francis
Twitter: @francis11244

Felix is an actor and Writer
Twitter: @adamfelixobrien

James Ronan is a director and dramaturg

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